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Downloadable Travel + Relocation Resources

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Insurance Providers

International Citizens Expat Insurance

Choosing an international health insurance plan is tricky. Will it cover you when you’re visiting your home country? What about deductibles?

The best way to find the right coverage is to contact International Citizens Insurance. Their dedicated team of brokers will do the research, compare plans, and review options with you. A good broker will save you so much time, and there is no cost to you!

Request a free international insurance quote today.

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Travel Planning

I use to find the best hotel deals. Their platform also makes booking hotels in foreign countries (especially Japan) so much easier, as you don’t need to worry about bad translations or clunky reservation systems.


I use VRBO when I want to book authentic accommodations that feel like home. If you’re like me and prefer to stay in apartments or vacation homes, this is the platform for you!

Lonely Planet

I’ve been buying Lonely Planet books since I was old enough to earn an allowance. Their guidebooks and travel lists are beautifully designed, with tons of photos and insider tips to inspire your next trip.

Ultimate Travel Planner

Members of my Patreon can download my ultimate travel planner, a multi-tab spreadsheet I’ve used to organize every trip since 2016. You’ll also get access to my complete resource library!

Table with photos, plane tickets, and journal to record travel planning resources.

Travel Gear

Interior of Tortuga Setout with folded clothes.

Travel Bag

I take 90% of my trips (even multi-week ones across Europe) with my Tortuga Setout. You can read my full review here to see why it’s the perfect suitcase-style backpack.


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