British vs American Words & Slang: 63 Useful Translations

Most Americans in the UK don’t expect there to be a language barrier with the locals. It is an English-speaking country, after all. But there are more differences between British vs American words and slang than you might realize.

British street with union jack flag and garland hanging from buildings.

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Switching From Tier 2 ICT to Skilled Worker Visa: How & Why?

2021 brought a major overhaul to the UK immigration system. Whether you agree or disagree with the new points-based system, one change hugely benefits international workers: switching from Tier 2 ICT to a Skilled Worker visa is now possible.

Hand holding sign that says "work abroad" in front of red phonebox.

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34 Gift Ideas for Someone Moving to Another Country

With remote working and digital nomadism on the rise, there’s a good chance someone in your life will be moving abroad soon. While “going away presents” are nothing new, it’s challenging to come up with gift ideas for someone moving to another country.

Hand holding metal stamp magnet next to table of gift ideas for someone moving to another country.

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