34 Gift Ideas for Someone Moving to Another Country

With remote working and digital nomadism on the rise, there’s a good chance someone in your life will be moving abroad soon. While “going away presents” are nothing new, it’s challenging to come up with gift ideas for someone moving to another country.

Hand holding metal stamp magnet next to table of gift ideas for someone moving to another country.

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Cost of Moving to the UK: 30+ Expenses to Relocate

Cotswolds village houses on canal--living here drives up the cost of moving to the UK

I’m going to break the golden rule of blogging and tell you straight away what you came here to find out. Our total cost of moving to the UK was about $21,000 USD. Wondering what expenses that amount includes? Keep reading.

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Life of an Expat: 7 Hard Truths You’ll Face Abroad

TV and movies love to romanticize the life of an expat. We’re fed intoxicating images of attractive young men and women who jet off to foreign countries to “find themselves” (usually with the help of a gorgeous local). But the reality of expat life is far less glamorous.

Girl in white dress holding straw hat walking down alley, living the life of an expat

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