What is UK ILR and How Do You Get It?

There are acronyms aplenty when you’re discussing UK visas. HMRC, NHS, UKVCAS–the list goes on. But there’s one acronym that pops up in immigrants’ conversations more than anything else: ILR.

Woman holding notebook with British flag cover, reading about what is UK ILR on laptop.

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23 Things Americans Miss While Living in the UK

If you scroll through any forum or Facebook group for US expats in Britain, I guarantee the most discussed topic will be things Americans miss while living in the UK. While you’ll find the usual suspects–like adjusting to driving on the left–there are some American things not in the UK that may surprise you.

Small room with US flag, posters, guitar, bed and other things Americans miss living in the UK.

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British vs American Words & Slang: 63 Useful Translations

Most Americans in the UK don’t expect there to be a language barrier with the locals. It is an English-speaking country, after all. But there are more differences between British vs American words and slang than you might realize.

British street with union jack flag and garland hanging from buildings.

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