1 Day Sintra Itinerary: A Super Efficient Guide

Nestled in the scenic central mountains of Portugal, Sintra is unlike any other town I’ve visited. Taking a day trip to Sintra is like visiting a theme park for architecture lovers. From the rainbow towers of Pena Palace to the Gothic mansion of Quinta da Regaleira, this 1 day Sintra itinerary covers the area’s highlights as efficiently as possible.

1 Day Sintra Itinerary - view of red and yellow Pena Palace walls and clock tower.

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What to do in Cascais: Day Trip Guide

Sometimes the best travel experiences happen when you least prepare for them. Before our trip to Portugal, I didn’t know what to do in Cascais aside from relax on the beach. So you can imagine my surprise when we discovered the flower-drenched alleys, rocky coastal views, and amazing food that make a Cascais day trip a must-do!

People splashing in water next to lighthouse beach during Cascais day trip.

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Porto Itinerary: 2 Days of Amazing Sights and Food

Has a single photo ever inspired you to travel somewhere new? For me, this 2 days in Porto itinerary all stemmed from a shot of the Igreja do Carmo. My tile-obsessed self was instantly in love with the famous blue and white azulejos covering the church’s facade, and I knew I had to see it in person.

2 days in Porto itinerary - colorful buildings of Ribeira Square.

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