Wallet is the Best Budgeting App for Expats

How many bank accounts and credit cards do you have? When you become an expat, that number could easily double. And depending on your new country, you could be juggling two or three different currencies as well!

Table with passport holder, glasses, money, and phone showing best budgeting app for expats.

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The Ultimate Guide to Find a Flat in London

Our quest to find a flat in London was nothing like an episode of House Hunters International. Unfortunately, it was a lot more involved than spending an afternoon looking at attractive properties and choosing our favorite of the three.

Flat in London with colorful doors and pastel paint on facade.

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What You Should Know About Moving Abroad With Pets

The very first Google search I did after my husband was contacted about relocating was “bring dog from US to UK”. We both knew that having to leave our beloved dog, Albus, behind was a deal-breaker. Luckily, moving abroad with pets is not as impossible as some might think.

Small white dog in crate next to suitcase and person preparing to move abroad with pets.

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Moving to London from the US: 8 Things Americans Should Know

London is home to more than 3 million foreign-born residents, making it one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Between its rich history, diverse cuisine, and easy access to the Continent, moving to London from the US brought plenty of excitement to my life.

7 Things Americans Should Know Before Moving to London from the US - Red phonebox on sidewalk near bridge.

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5 Questions for Deciding if You Should Move Abroad

A few years ago, my husband sent me an interesting post from Reddit’s /r/travel. It was a photo of an empty Kyoto street at night, with the iconic Tower of Yasaka in the distance. I scrolled down to the comments section and was not surprised to find several people gushing about the exotic beauty of Japan and wondering Should I move abroad?.

Woman's hand pointing to Michigan on map, deciding if she should move abroad.

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3 Simple Things That Inspired Me to Move Abroad

Blue wooden table with 3 white papers, airplane toy, headphones, passport, and shoes on top.

My decision to move abroad started with a fake passport and jerk chicken. I was on an elementary school field trip to Detroit, where they were holding an international culture festival. At the exhibit hall’s entrance, they were handing out pretend US passports for collecting stamps at the booths representing each country.

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