My First Year Living in London: 10 Lessons Learned

My first year living in London was a whirlwind. It’s incredible how much I’ve learned in 12 short months, like how to eat with a fork in my left hand. And though I did a TON of advanced research before we arrived, there are some lessons I learned only after moving to London. 

Colorful facades of St. Luke's Mews seen during my first year living in London.

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7 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips That Save Time and Money

Lately, it seems like everyone is searching for minimalist lifestyle tips to transform their homes and habits. Luckily, there’s no secret formula or set of rules to begin living a minimalist lifestyle. With a few simple strategies, you can start reaping the benefits of a life with less stuff and more meaning.

Living space decorated with sofa, end table, throw pillow, and book on minimalist lifestyle tips.

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Making Friends Abroad: An Introvert’s Guide

Making friends as an adult is hard. But making friends abroad is even harder. Aside from the potential language barrier, you’re also a cultural outsider. And if you’re naturally shy, this feeling of not belonging can steer you down a path of Netflix binges instead of friendship building.

Two young women having coffee at table and making friends abroad.

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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Everything and Starting Over

In 2018, my husband and I relocated to London from the US with little more than our clothes, some small electronics, and a few personal items. Before the move, we were living in a fully furnished, 1,900 square foot house. Selling everything and starting over sounds romantic at first, but when you’re standing in the kitchen wondering how to sell a can opener, reality sets in quickly.

Facade of brick home with orange door and window, owned by person who wants to sell everything and start over.

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Renting in London With a Dog: What You Should Know

Britain is a nation of dog lovers. Even in a metropolis like London, it’s not uncommon to see Labradors frolicking in the park or Yorkshire terriers trying to keep up during a morning jog.  And yet, renting in London with a dog is difficult.

Red dog running along hilltop outside London.

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Wallet is the Best Budgeting App for Expats

How many bank accounts and credit cards do you have? When you become an expat, that number could easily double. And depending on your new country, you could be juggling two or three different currencies as well!

Table with passport holder, glasses, money, and phone showing best budgeting app for expats.

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The Ultimate Guide to Find a Flat in London

Our quest to find a flat in London was nothing like an episode of House Hunters International. Unfortunately, it was a lot more involved than spending an afternoon looking at attractive properties and choosing our favorite of the three.

Flat in London with colorful doors and pastel paint on facade.

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