9 Gorgeous Stockholm Photo Spots You Must See

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or just looking for some lovely views around the city, these gorgeous Stockholm photo spots are sure to please.

Yellow, blue, and red wood houses on cobblestone street, one of the best Stockholm photo spots.

Spread across 14 islands in the Baltic Sea, Stockholm is full of visual delights. Its candy-colored buildings and waterfront views make it one of the most Instagrammable cities in Europe.

Because of its northern location, be sure to plan your trip and itinerary around the city’s daylight hours. Winter days are quite short, while mid-summer months make it quite challenging to capture blue hour and golden hour.

As with all popular travel destinations, early morning is the best time to avoid crowds. However, it’s not too challenging to get clean shots during the day provided you have the patience!

You can even work these Stockholm photography spots into your itinerary for one day in Stockholm.

Vasabron Bridge

Stockholm photo spots Vasabron Bridge going across waterway.

The Vasabron (Vasa Bridge) connects central Stockholm to the historic old town area, Gamla Stan. Situated just a few blocks south of Stockholm Central Station, this spot is easy to reach and makes a great first stop when you arrive.

Evening and night photos are a great option here, as the bridge is beautifully lit after sunset.

Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm City Hall with stone pillars and arched doorway.

The simple brown exterior of city hall may not look like much, but the building’s courtyard and rear garden are beyond photo-worthy. Use a zoom lens to capture the gilded rooftop statues, or shoot the archways with a wide angle lens. The columns make great frames, while the giant tree and climbing ivy add a natural touch to the architecture.

This is one of the most popular Stockholm photo spots, so arrive early or in the evening to avoid the crowds.

Riddarholmen Church

Stockholm Riddarholmen Church plaza with cobbled street and pink building.

Riddarholmen is a small island dominated by a 12th century church. The spire forms part of Stockholm’s iconic skyline, and the large open area in front of the church makes it easy to fit the entire structure in frame.

Though most people approach Riddarholmen from the bridge to Gamla Stan, I think view from the northern part of the island is better. From this side, you can include the salmon-colored Stenbock Palaces.

Gamla Stan – Storkyrkan Cathedral Clock Tower

Stockholm photo spots in Gamla Stan with clock tower at the end of colorful narrow alley.

Gamla Stan’s cobblestone streets and multi-hued buildings make the historic old town ideal for photography. Surprises await down every alley, including perfectly aligned shots of the famous Storkrykan clock tower.

The area is full of popular Stockholm Instagram spots, like the SF Bookstore and Stuténska Huset square.

For this specific view, head to the corner of Stora Gråmunkegränd and Stora Nygaten and face east. Watch out for pedestrians and cyclists while you stand in the alley!

Gamla Stan – Österlånggatan Alleys

View of riverfront from cobblestone alley.

The tall buildings and narrow streets of Gamla Stan lend a cozy but slightly closed-in feeling to the island. Use this to your advantage by peeking down the alleys that run perpendicular to Österlånggatan street.

Many of these side paths open up to the waterfront, making for a fun tunnel-like composition. Open window shutters and vintage-style street lamps add bonus charm points.

Save me for later!

Katarina Kyrka and Overlook Point

Facade of Katarina Church in Stockholm.

As you can probably tell from this post, I’m no photography expert. However, this stunning view of the Katarina Kyrka inspired me to share my favorite Stockholm photo spots, because I believe everyone visiting the city needs to see this church.

The dome is visible across much of the Katarina-Sofia neighborhood, though the best view is from the road leading straight to the green entry doors.

Don’t forget the photography tip about turning around to see the view from whence you came. This same road has a lovely waterfront view of the city center skyline.

Stockholm photo spots overlooking the city skyline and waterway.

Fjällgatans Kaffestuga

Chocolate ice cream cone in Stockholm.

If you need a snack break, head to Fjällgatans Kaffestuga for some delectable ice cream with a view. The cafe’s interior features all-white tables and a tree trunk strung with fairy lights, making it the perfect spot for an ice cream portrait.

When the massive Viking cruise liner isn’t docked outside, you can take in the city views from the outdoor picnic tables.

Kungliga Park

Waterway lined by walking paths in Stockholm's Kunglinga Park.

Stockholm’s national park sits on the eastern end of Djurgården island. Though it’s a bit far from the city center, the landscape and 19th century palace are worth the trek.

The cream-colored Rosendals Palace is beautiful year round, but the spring and summer flowers make this place a must-see. This part of the island gets full sun, so you’ll definitely want to avoid shooting midday.

On the opposite end of Kungliga park, the lake narrows into a canal, with boats passing through to the open water. The tree-lined walking paths take on a golden hue in late September, making autumn an ideal time to visit. I recommend resting on one of the park benches and waiting for the water to grow calm.

Or, you might get an opportunity to photograph one of the vintage boats that occasionally sail through the canal.


Stockholm Skinnarviksberget overlook point with view of city hall building.

Finish your tour of Stockholm photo spots with a sunset panorama of the city. The Skinnarviksberget is the highest natural point in Stockholm, and travelers and residents alike flock to the rocky expanse to soak in the views.

Though there are some concrete steps along the way, you’ll need to do a bit of climbing to reach the top. Also, the ground is quite uneven, so if you’re using a tripod, arrive early to set up your gear.

If you want to get the full local experience, bring some drinks and snacks with you to enjoy at the summit. You’ll want a bit of refreshment after lugging your gear up the steep slopes.

Special thanks to the surprise hot air balloons that floated in at sunset. I can’t promise they’ll be there every evening, but the view is spectacular either way!

Map of Stockholm Photo Spots

Google Maps snapshot of Stockholm photography spots map

Click here for the full interactive map!

Know of any other good places to take photos in Stockholm? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I loved Stockholm but it was so so cold when I went my wee hands were frozen attempting to hold the camera so I gave up. I should have persevered as these photos are so beautiful!


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