Day Trip to Kanazawa: Itinerary for Japan’s Samurai Town

Day Trip to Kanazawa: Itinerary for Japan's Samurai Town

From ancient samurai houses to beautifully preserved Edo districts, a day trip to Kanazawa is a must for lovers of Japanese culture, history, or architecture. And with the newly expanded shinkansen line, it’s possible to reach Kanazawa within two or three hours from popular cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. To help you make the most of your visit, I designed this efficient Kanazawa itinerary for exploring the town’s highlights. 

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Essential Kamikochi Hiking Guide for the Japanese Alps

Kamikochi hiking guide for the Japanese Alps

If you’re staying in the Japan Alps region, it would be a mistake to not include a Kamikochi hiking excursion. With stunning mountain views, crystal clear waters, and well-placed food huts, Kamikochi National Park is one of the best Japanese Alps hiking experiences. However, its remote location and motor vehicle ban are major access barriers, especially for overseas visitors. That’s why I’ve put together this detailed Kamikochi Japan guide to help travelers explore this amazing destination.

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Nara Day Trip Itinerary: The Magical Deer City of Japan

Nara Day Trip Itinerary - Isuien Garden

When people ask me about the must see places in Japan, I always recommend a Nara day trip. With eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, roaming deer, and a stunning Japanese garden, you won’t regret spending one day in Nara!

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12 Essential Things to Avoid in Japan While Traveling

White castle Japan travel mistakes

My love for Japan is hard to put into words. It’s a country of coexisting contrasts, where it’s not unusual to find a tiny, 200-year-old shrine surrounded by 12-story apartment complexes. It’s probably the one place in the world where you can see a man wearing a $1,000 suit with a cat ear headband. Japan may have a reputation for being “Westernized”, but don’t be fooled. There are plenty of things to avoid in Japan when you travel around the country.

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