Tortuga Setout vs Osprey Farpoint: A Hands-on Review

In the world of carry-on travelers, a debate rages: Tortuga Setout vs Osprey Farpoint. Which of these bags comes out on top–or should I say “on back”? Let’s take a closer look at these popular front loading travel backpacks.

Side-by-side front view of black Tortuga Setout vs Osprey Farpoint backpacks on grass.

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How to Survive Long Flights in Economy: 6 Easy Steps

If you have limited vacation time, learning how to survive long flights in economy is essential. Arriving in a new country feeling sore, hungry, and jet-lagged is no way to start a trip! Fortunately, I’ve learned a few tricks that make long flights comfortable, and even enjoyable.

How to survive long flights in economy - girl walking down airplane aisle pulling suitcase.

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The Best Gifts for Hikers Under $100

If you aren’t an outdoor adventurer, the best gifts for hikers may seem a bit strange. Wool socks and water filters aren’t at the top of everyone’s wishlist! But when you’re buying hiking gifts, it’s the practical thought that counts.

Best gifts for hikers - backpacking man standing on cliff with mountain view.

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The Best Minimalist Travel Backpacks for Carry On

In the past two years of traveling the globe, I haven’t checked a single bag. When it comes to vacation time and money, I don’t want to waste any of it. And with the best minimalist travel backpack for carry on, you won’t have to either.

Man looking out at ocean holding the best minimalist travel backpack for carry on.

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