Tokyo Itinerary: 6 Days of Sightseeing and Hidden Gems

Tokyo is a city of contrasts. Ancient shrines sit across from busy shopping centers.  Cherry blossom trees grow in front of flashing billboards. Narrow alleys with tiny restaurants hide behind six-lane roads and skyscrapers. And with this 6 day Tokyo itinerary, you’ll have time to experience the city’s highlights and hidden gems.

Ornate carved wooden shrine gate behind vending machines and tourists doing 6 days in Tokyo itinerary.

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What to Do in Nagano Japan: A 5 Day Nagano Itinerary

Japan’s Nagano prefecture boasts stunning natural landscapes, famous castles, and breathtaking shrines. In fact, my solo trip to the region was the best vacation I’ve ever had! But after returning home, I realized a lot of international travelers don’t know what to do in Nagano.

What to do in Nagano Japan: 5 Day Nagano Itinerary

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How to Visit Shiraito Falls: Karuizawa Day Trip Guide

If you love chasing waterfalls, then a day trip to Karuizawa’s Shiraito Falls is a must. Although Shiraito Waterfall isn’t the tallest in Japan, its impressive 70 meter arc makes it one of the country’s more unique falls. And best of all, this Nagano gem is easy to reach by public transit.

View of Karuizawa Shiraito Falls with horseshoe shape falls and autumn leaves above water pool.

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Day Trip to Kanazawa: Itinerary for Japan’s Samurai Town

From ancient samurai houses to beautifully preserved Edo districts, a day trip to Kanazawa is a must for lovers of Japanese culture, history, or architecture. And with the newly expanded shinkansen line, it’s possible to reach Kanazawa within two or three hours from popular cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. 

Historic Japanese street with wooden buildings and travelers following Kanazawa day trip itinerary.

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9 Romantic Lake District Breaks for Couples

With beautiful villages, stunning vistas, and countless water activities, the options for romantic Lake District breaks are endless. And if you’re planning a couples getaway in England, there’s no better region than Cumbria.

Six wooden boats about to embark on romantic Lake District breaks for couples.

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How to Travel Keswick England’s Stunning Latrigg Walk

Every year, thousands of visitors flock to England’s Lake District for beautiful scenery and stunning views. These rolling hills and peaks are home to some of the country’s best rambles, with the Latrigg walk from Keswick being a major highlight.

How to Travel Keswick England's Stunning Latrigg Walk

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2 Days in Edinburgh: Itinerary for First Time Visitors

From historic buildings to Harry Potter, there are so many amazing things to discover during a 2 day Edinburgh itinerary. Gothic towers, cobblestone alleys, and a hilltop castle lend the city a fantasy-like atmosphere. And with a vibrant arts scene and diverse restaurants, there’s no shortage of things to do in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh city skyline viewed during 2 days in Edinburgh itinerary.

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