Japan Off the Beaten Path: 15 Amazing Japan Hidden Gems

Woman with red umbrella walking through forest in Japan off the beaten path

When planning a dream trip to Japan, the bustling cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka usually spring to mind. But it would be a mistake not to explore Japan off the beaten path, even if it’s your first trip to the country.

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17 Must See Cities For Your First Time in Europe

London skyline with river in foreground, one of the must see cities for first time in Europe

Narrowing down the must see cities for your first time in Europe is a daunting task. In a sprawling continent full of grand cathedrals, romantic cityscapes, and decadent dishes, how do you choose where to go?

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40 Best Souvenirs From Japan: From Manga to Matcha

Colorful vintage kimono are the best souvenirs from Japan

As a minimalist traveler, I rarely buy things when I go abroad. But when my husband and I first visited Tokyo and Kyoto, we stuffed two bags full of the best souvenirs from Japan. In a land known for quality products, rich culture, and ultra-cute characters, you’ll want to fill every nook and cranny of your suitcase with Japanese souvenirs.

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Tokyo Like a Local: 9 Unique Things to Do

Typical Japan street with bikes seen when traveling Tokyo like a local

Tokyo is the world’s second largest city and one of the most popular tourist destinations. Travelers who fall in love with this city find themselves drawn back again and again. But even repeat visitors can miss out on experiencing Tokyo like a local, and often end up doing the same touristy activities time and time again.

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Visiting Amsterdam in Spring: 7 Bucket List Experiences

Pink tulip baskets by black door spotted while visiting Amsterdam in spring

Summer is when most cities shine their brightest, but for Amsterdam the spring season takes the crown. After a dreary winter, Amsterdam comes alive with flowers in the parks, sunshine in the skies, and boats along the canals. Visiting Amsterdam in spring is an enchanting, colorful experience that belongs on every traveler’s bucket list.

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Must Eat Food in Japan: Where to Find the Best Dishes

Colorful plate of sushi rolls and nigiri, a must eat food in Japan

Japan is the only country where it’s nearly impossible to have a bad meal. Even the food on my ANA flight was delicious and artfully presented, and I was seated in coach! If you want to sample the country’s best dishes, this guide to the must eat food in Japan has got you covered.

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11 Best Day Trips From Tokyo by Bullet Train

Mount Fuji and purple flower field viewed from Tokyo bullet train day trip

Thanks to the expanding shinkansen network, exploring Japan has never been easier. And if you’re a foreign visitor, you can zip around the country without spending a fortune on tickets! These day trips from Tokyo by bullet train take full advantage of the Japan Rail Pass.

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