Cost of Moving to the UK: 30+ Expenses to Relocate

Cotswolds village houses on canal--living here drives up the cost of moving to the UK

I’m going to break the golden rule of blogging and tell you straight away what you came here to find out. Our total cost of moving to the UK was about $21,000 USD. Wondering what expenses that amount includes? Keep reading.

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Life of an Expat: 7 Hard Truths You’ll Face Abroad

TV and movies love to romanticize the life of an expat. We’re fed intoxicating images of attractive young men and women who jet off to foreign countries to “find themselves” (usually with the help of a gorgeous local). But the reality of expat life is far less glamorous.

Girl in white dress holding straw hat walking down alley, living the life of an expat

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21 Living Abroad Quotes to Motivate Your Move

There are few things in this world that are more rewarding–and more intimidating–than moving to a foreign country. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or seeking affirmation, these living abroad quotes will give you an extra motivational boost to take the leap.

Person writing living abroad quotes in journal on white table with tea cup, photos, and plane tickets

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How to Move to the UK: Ultimate FAQ

Blenheim Palace grand entrance with Union Jack flag runner leading to gate

Are you wondering how to move to the UK but don’t know where to start? Relocating to the UK is a life-long dream for many people. However, it’s also one of the hardest countries to move to without citizenship.

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How to Find Pet Friendly Apartments in London

Corgi sitting on yellow couch after owner learned how to find pet friendly apartments in London

Our very first step in the UK relocation process was researching how to find pet friendly apartments in London. Bringing our German Shepherd across the pond was a non-negotiable. Unfortunately, finding pet friendly rentals in London turned out to be downright difficult.

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Advantages of Living Abroad: 11 Reasons to Make the Move

If you had asked me two years ago about the advantages of living abroad, I would have said something about traveling more and trying new foods. But after a few years of expat life, I’ve discovered that there are more meaningful reasons to live abroad than eating and sightseeing. Though I do my fair share of those activities as well…

Girl holding straw hat walking down Europe street considering advantages of living abroad

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