My First Year Living in London: 10 Lessons Learned

My first year living in London was a whirlwind. It’s incredible how much I’ve learned in 12 short months, like how to eat with a fork in my left hand. And though I did a TON of advanced research before we arrived, there are some lessons I learned only after moving to London. 

My First Year Living in London: 10 Lessons Learned - colorful facades of St. Luke's Mews

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Renting in London With a Dog: What You Should Know

Britain is a nation of dog lovers. Even in a metropolis like London, it’s not uncommon to see Labradors frolicking in the park or Yorkshire terriers trying to keep up during a morning jog.  And yet, renting in London with a dog is difficult.

Renting in London With a Dog

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The Ultimate Guide to Find a Flat in London

Our quest to find a flat in London was nothing like an episode of House Hunters International. Unfortunately, it was a lot more involved than spending an afternoon looking at attractive properties and choosing our favorite of the three. London’s rental market is competitive and pricey, and as expats with no UK credit history, my husband and I were at a disadvantage.

Flat in London colorful doors

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Moving to London from the US: 8 Things Americans Should Know

7 Things Americans Should Know Before Moving to London from the US

London is home to more than 3 million foreign-born residents, making it one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Between its rich history, diverse cuisine, and easy access to the Continent, moving to London from the US brought plenty of excitement to my life.

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